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Problem – I get a malware, virus, spyware, trojan warning

This is triggered due to the installer. Also if you see security error on chrome or firefox just click on Details and then click on visit this site or try other browser or use download manager apps like orbit and IDM.

Problem – I cannot open the download file

Disable your anti-virus or windows defender app temporarily and try again, UXTheme Patcher make changes to your system files, UXTheme Patcher works that way! It modifies your system files to enable windows 10 themes. If you do not want this, you can not use it, UXTheme Patcher will modify system files like (uxtheme.dll, UXInit.dll, themeui.dll) to enable windows 10 themes and antivirus dont permission to do that! Modifying system files and changing system configuration may get reported as malware by some antivirus or windows defender. You need to temporary turn-off antivirus or windows defender so that program won’t be interfered during download/installation/uninstallation.

Problem – Patcher is patching, but after a reboot nothing is modified

In rare cases after a Windows 10 Update, the patcher is not able to take ownership of the necessary files in c:\windows\system32 (uxtheme.dll, UXInit.dll, themeui.dll). Only solution today: Sign in as Administrator, take ownership to the 3 files and grant full authorization, reboot and afterwards use the patcher again as Administrator. The modification should work now.

Problem – After patching on Windows 10 and login into, the PC get black screen and reboots

A 4k monitor or higher uses a special resolution, therefor themes are necessary that support 200% DPI (e.g. here)!
Problem – After uninstalling the monitor remains black after restart
Fast Startup/FastBoot is the problem. 1) disable Fast Startup, 2) shut down (do not restart), 3) boot up, 4) uninstall UxTheme Patcher! For more information have a look at detailed tutorial. Is this too late, only a repair installation (inplace upgrade) or a complete new installation helps.

Problem – Completely undo changes

First, always a standard Windows 10 theme should be set, otherwise it may cause problems when booting (see problem 3). Thereafter, the application should simply be removed through software -> uninstall. All backups will be restored so the original files are back!

Problem – No file explorer folders will open from the start menu or in certain apps save dialogs look broken

Please uninstall the patcher and run sfc.exe /scannow from the comand line! After a reboot a reinstall of the patcher should work again

Problem – Explorer crashes or display errors after update

Themes of older Windows 10 Versions are not compatible with the latest Windows 10 Version. Therefore, please contact the developer of the theme, I can not help you here!

Problem – SFC.exe finds modified system files

UXTheme Patcher works that way! It modifies your system files to enable windows 10 themes. If you do not wnat this, you can not use it!


  1. Valentino

    how uninstall the UXThemePatcher?

  2. Imtinan Khan

    it has password pls help

    1. Anonim


  3. Alexander

    Password is not correct:
    The installer writes to me : Checksum error in the encrypted file C:\Users\Alexander\Downloads\UXTheme_Patcher.sfx.exe. Corrupt file or wrong password

  4. Kalvis

    Can I please have help? Every time i try and download it, it gives me an error. My antivirus is off but it is still not downloading.

  5. Hazel

    The right click taskbar menu’s are a bit broken. The appearance is a mix of the default windows and my downloaded theme. How can I fix this?? It used you to work before reinstalling uxthemepatcher :((

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